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Donations to our popular Book Table now go to support the "Wisdom of Elders" program, an initiative by The Coming Home Society.  It is a vital component of Urban Native Youth Association's new holistic Native Youth Health and Wellness Centre.

Thanks to your support, Rae Ellis was able to present $500 to the Coming Home Society recently.

Here is a letter of thanks to St. Stephen's:

"Thank you all for your very generous donation to the Coming Home Society "Wisdom of the Elders' program.  Your support of the book table is helping to make such a difference to so many lives!  First Nations youth are so hungry for all the things that lift them up and make them feel proud of their culture and who they are.  And the Elders who have gone through so much are so happy to bring into the light and share all the teachings and spirituality that they had to hide for so long  Thank you, Rae, for overseeing this wonderful project and to all of you who contribute.  Blessings for 2018, Linda Adams

Please keep bringing and buying our books!