St. Stephen's Anglican Church
Diocese of New Westminster

St. Stephen's is a welcoming Christian Church providing spiritual and caring support to the community

You are warmly welcomed here! 

St. Stephen's Anglican Church serves the West Vancouver community and is part of the Diocese of New Westminster of the Anglican Church of Canada, which in turn, is part of the Anglican Communion of 80 million members across the world.  We are a global family of Anglicans, and the readings from Scripture we hear every week are the same right across the Anglican Communion, and other churches including the Roman Catholics.  We are local, national and international.  Worshippers here at St. Stephen's come from different cultures, backgrounds, ages and faith journeys.  And all of us are equal parts of our inclusive, prayerful and welcoming Church.  


 A Special Prayer for Canada

O Lord, make us mindful of your generosity

and glad to do your will.

Bless Canada with honest industry, truthful education

and an honourable way of life.

Save us from violence, discord and confusion;

from pride, arrogance and from every evil course of action.

Make us, who come from many different backgrounds and countries,

a united prople - one in purpose and vision.

Give our government a spirit of wisdom and compassion

that there be justice and peace in our land.

When times are properous, lead us to thanksgiving;

and when times are troubled, lead us to a deepening trust in you.

All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.