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Message from the Vicar
We live in a remarkable world full of wonders and abundance - a world of interconnectedness and interdependence – much of which we never think about. For example, beneath our feet is a teeming world of minute creatures keeping the soil healthy and nurturing the roots of grass, flowers, trees, and wheat. Without their toil, plants would die, followed in fairly short order by the animals – including we humans. But the living world is not just interdependent - the world is also designed with enormous fecundity, an overflowing abundance beyond imagining. Just think of an apple tree for example. Each year an apple tree may produce hundreds or even thousands of apples, each bearing 10 seeds. Over a lifetime of 50 fruitful years that’s millions of seeds, when it needed only one single seed to grow a new tree to replace itself when it died. But all those hundreds of thousands of apples the tree produces are food for us and innumerable other creatures.  

As I write this we are approaching Thanksgiving – the time of year when we celebrate the amazing gifts of creation. As people of faith we assert that our experience of the wonders of creation point to a marvellous reality – that, beneath all that exists in this world, lays a divine generosity, a creativity, an inclusivity, which upholds us and surges through us.  

At Thanksgiving we celebrate abundance. To remind ourselves of the world’s amazing fecundity we decorate the church with pumpkins, apples, leaves and flowers at Thanksgiving. But we celebrate much more than simply a surfeit of pumpkins; we celebrate what lies beyond those fields of orange. There is so much more to this world than the simple reality we experience on a daily basis. And so we also gather together for worship, on Thanksgiving as we do each week to allow ourselves to be thrilled with the presence of the Source of all there is. Because Thanksgiving is not the only day we can, or even should, give thanks!