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 Message from the Vicar
As someone who grew up in this part of the world, September always seems like the ‘real’ New Year to me. It probably has to do with all those years of returning to school in September after a lazy summer. Going shopping with Mom for new clothes, new shoes, maybe a new coat. The smells of new pencils and erasers, pens and paper. I used to love to open the front cover of a new notepad or exercise book and look at the clean paper, as yet unmarked with notes. Somehow it always seemed like a time for a fresh start when I could leave behind whatever mistakes I had made in the past year and start again. September still has this sense of a ‘fresh start’ for me. The days are slowly getting shorter and the nights cooler. And I find myself thinking about re-starting activities dropped over the summer. As cooler weather approaches, I start to get interesting in trying something new. Perhaps signing up for a class to learn something new or starting up a new exercise program.
Here in the church, September is a ‘fresh start’ as well. As people return from vacation, ongoing groups and activities start up again and new ones start fresh. For example, this September we’re offering a new study group exploring a book on spiritual practices – those ongoing activities that help ‘ground’ our faith and our connection with God. Participants will be encouraged to try out some new spiritual practices in their own lives. And of course all the usual ongoing activities like the Arts & Crafts group and the Brown Bag Lunch Talks restart at this time. In September our speaker for the Brown Bag Lunch will be talking about nutrition and how simple changes to our diet can help us stay healthy (which seems like a good topic for this time of year). It would be wonderful to have you join us for worship, exploration, arts & crafts, fellowship or any of the other activities we offer! If you haven’t been to church in a while (or even if you’ve never been) you would be more than welcome here! It’s never too late for a ‘fresh start’!