St. Stephen's Anglican Church
Diocese of New Westminster

St. Stephen's is a welcoming Christian Church providing spiritual and caring support to the community

You are warmly welcomed here! 

St. Stephen's Anglican Church serves the West Vancouver community and is part of the Diocese of New Westminster of the Anglican Church of Canada, which in turn, is part of the Anglican Communion of 80 million members across the world.  We are a global family of Anglicans, and the readings from Scripture we hear every week are the same right across the Anglican Communion, and other churches including the Roman Catholics.  We are local, national and international.  Worshippers here at St. Stephen's come from different cultures, backgrounds, ages and faith journeys.  And all of us are equal parts of our inclusive, prayerful and welcoming Church. 


 From the Rector

St Augustine said that when you sing you pray twice. Well, here at St Stephen's Anglican Church we have some wonderful musical opportunities over the coming months - both participating and enjoying.

See our events pages for dates and times of our Community Choir and Jazz Vespers.

This is all part of our mission strategy to develop our musical life and develop our beautiful church building as a lively musical venue for the West Vancouver community. We look forward to welcoming you soon, and of course to our Sunday worship (services at 8am and 10am).


At St. Stephen's Anglican Church West Vancouver, we are engaged in a lifelong task which is to build a community, made up of a wonderful mixture of people from different backgrounds whose most abiding quality is 'grace'.  We believe that the God we have begun to know and worship is full of self-giving grace and it is our hope that in all that we do and are together, grace will be our hallmark.

Working out what 'grace' means takes time and so in response to the invitation to become such a community we choose, freely, to commit ourselves to a few guiding qualities.  These are:

  • A commitment to a prayerful lifestyle
  • A commitment to growing throughout our lives
  • A commitment to generosity in action and in spirit
  • A commitment to hospitality and openness
  • A commitment to living compassionately
  • A commitment to celebration and gratitude

We believe that in Jesus Christ we see these qualities fully displayed and so it is our hope and prayer that we, as a community of ordinary people, might reflect some of this grace.

We are a growing church - both in depth and numbers.  We are also a frail church - we have illness and age as challenges.  Our aim is to be an open, dynamic Christian community in which people from many different backgrounds can worship God, can grow in our understanding and experience of God so that together, we can make a difference in our world.

Whatever your reason for being here, we hope that you will find a warm welcome and an exciting place to discover more about being a friend and follower of Christ, a place that is indeed a community of grace



 Dear friends,

It was so good to welcome such a large congregation on Easter Day, as we celebrated the resurrection of Our Lord and all this means for our lives today.  I am most grateful to Bishop Richard Llewellin for his inspirational input during Holy Week, and to you all for making him so welcome.  He really enjoyed being with us - his first visit to Canada.  He is now back in Canterbury and has emailed me to say thank you to us all.  I have thanked him on your behalf, for all the wisdom and spiritual food he shared with us last week.
Thank you too for all who participated in our Lent groups this year looking at the Gospel of John - both through our two study groups and online.
At 6:30am on Easter Day we celebrated the first Easter service at Caulfeild Rocks as the sun rose, and the congregation of 60 was joined by a couple of baby seals who popped up just a few meters from the altar!  
It was great to join Anglican colleagues from our three churches, as well as those from other denominations.  
Pictured (from the left); Karen Urquhart (St Christopher), myself (St Stephen), 
Angus Stuart (St Francis), Bishop Richard, Janice Lowell (St Francis).